Make Up A Story From A Picture or Photo

Turn the pages of a magazine or newspaper to find an illustration which captures your interest. Look carefully at this picture and try to imagine or make up a story about what is going on. For example, who are the people in the picture? What is going on in their lives? Imagine you knew them and could tell about their lives, about their problems, their loves, their hates, their hopes and dreams. What are the lives of the people in the photograph like? Are the people happy, sad, angry or what? Make up a story.

You can also try to imagine that you are one of the people in the picture? What is going on in your mind? What do you feel?

If you like you can write about this person in the first person narrative. By that I mean you can use the word ‘’I’’ , such as:

I am —-

I feel —-

I want —-

I am going to tell you the story of my life —

My name is —-

Don’t be afraid of trying to become someone in the picture you are examining. That is why your imagination is so wonderful. It can take you to new places where you have never been before. By trying to put yourself in the shoes or lives of another person, you will grow and develop a broader picture of humanity.

Or, if you prefer, instead, you can also write a description or story about something or someone you saw on the streets, or on the subway or in class or at a party. Use your imagination to describe what is going on.

Or, perhaps you choose an illustration of a place or scene that you find interesting.   What would it be like to step into that scene?


Write About Your Struggle

Write about something you are struggling with.  Maybe it’s something at school, or work, or something in your personal life.  The struggle takes a lot of your thinking time, and your emotions, so it must be important.  Write about your struggle — it’s a good step in coming to terms with something you are trying to master.

Tell Me Something New

A friend who teaches writing, Esther Cohen, wrote this beautiful writing prompts poem.  She writes poems each day that can be found at:

See if you can answer her questions in your own writing.


By Esther Cohen

Tell me something

you’ve never said before,

or that you’ve said in a way

that was only half true.

This time, three quarters.

Tell me the name

you wish you had.

Tell me who you love.

Of course it can be more

than one person.

You don’t have to tell me why.

Tell me a dream,

and what you would do if you could,

and what you’d like to tell

a stranger, and what color

is your real color and what you think

about getting old, and getting young,

and where you would go tomorrow

if you could, and a word or two that always sings.

What’s Under the Mask You Wear?

Some people say we all wear masks of one sort or another to guard and protect our inner selves.   The mask may be a real, physical one, or it may simply be having a smile, or smirk, on our face all the time, or maintaining a sad or troubled look.  The mask may separate us from the person we try to show to the world from the person we really feel is the one inside us, the true one.  What masks do you wear in life?  What kind of person is the one under the mask? Which mask would you like to try on?

You can write your response in any form you wish, as a short answer, an essay, or as a poem or haiku.  You can even wear a mask as you write!