What Is In Your Book of Life?

Some words worth thinking about:

”We publish the book of our lives every day through our actions, and through our conduct we teach one another what is worthy of admiration and what is worthy of disdain.”

These words were written recently by New York Times column David Brooks.  They help us take a step back and think about the lives we are leading.  What would you say about your own life — are you leading a life of admiration or one of disdain? What effect do you have on others and the world?

A List of the Things That Make You Happy

Such a simple writing idea:

Make a list of the things that make you happy, whether it’s a certain food you love or scratching your dog’s ears or whatever it is that brings joy to your life.   I’m pretty sure that some of the best things in your life are free, but that’s for you to say.

Jot down the happy things in your life, and share them with us if you like.