As a writer I know that deep down each of us has stories worth telling.
The writing prompts offered here will help you find your own special voice. Read them, let your mind wander freely and listen carefully to the voice within. Then begin writing. Don't be afraid. Just write what you want to say. Amaze yourself!
Author Bill Zimmerman
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Something to be Discovered in the Year 5000 A.D.
August 29, 2014

In the year  5000 A.D. strange-looking explorers unearth Barbie and GI Joe dolls among the ruins.  What will those discovering these objects say about our lost civilization?  Will they regard these as a religious symbols? As royal objects? As something else?

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August 21, 2014
What If Words Could Heal?

A young girl who has been speechless all her life awakens one morning to discover that she can speak.  Because her words are new and pure, they have the ability to heal all the hurts and sadness in the world.  What are some of the simple healing words she utters?

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August 12, 2014
What Words Do You Tell Yourself to Remain Free?

A band of roving mercenaries captures you while you are in a foreign land.  They will hold you hostage until your government gives in to their demands.  While they chain your body, they cannot break your spirit.  You talk silently to yourself and tell yourself stories that get you through …more»

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